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Boys speak in rhythm and girls just lie...

whats up everyone? Does anyone read this thing anymore? 

Update on life:
I miss a lot of you guys.
I miss when I was fat.
I'm in college now.
I don't listen to as much hardcore.
I'll be 20 in Sept.(scary)
I am a DJ.
I guess I am pretty good. At least I am getting paid quite a bit for doing it.
Once I turn 21 I'm pretty sure I can get a job at a club and make $$$$. haha.
I am in a band. I sing. They say I am good. We just started, so when I get a recording I'll let you know.
The band is like anberlin, saosin, thursdayish, no screaming though cause it hurts my voice haha.
I miss a lot of people really.
I wish I could hang out again like I used to.
I have a speech tomorrow on how to do a Rubik's cube.
I can do a Rubik's cube in a bout a minute 15 seconds.
what else is new?
nothing I dont think...
I'm not sure if anyone is still my friend on this anymore anyways
If you read this reply saying whats up.
sorry my last post were kinda mean.
i was dumb.
forgive me.
I love you guys.
i think...well some of you.
I wish to be the most random person
wont happen though.
I knew this one girl who was a lot more random than me.
we were chillin in my room one day and she saw an ad for a semi and wanted to buy it
she even called the number and went to go see it.
i never knew what happend to her.
after that she avoided me.
the semi must have sucked...

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