eric_reject (eric_reject) wrote,

where'd you go? i miss you so, seems like its been forever...

hey thanks guys for the comments on my last entry! i really wish i could go back to old times so much. i really do. probably more than anything. it depresses me often.

friday night with brad,max, and david inspired me sims and jeremy  to write an acoustic song for our band, its pretty good actually.
i hope that when my band has a show all of you can go and say hi at least.

Best friend,
i wasnt just being funny,i felt bad really.
miss you dude soo much and the old times.
miss you too man remember when we played with big d and streetlight, that was the best night of my life probably, glad you were there to share it.

i get emo on dis ish.

its cause i trust you.
to understand me.
more than i.
understand myself.
long has it been.
since man could.
share the secrets.
he himself.
does not know.

dont know about all that but one last thing, i miss everyone soooo much and all the "o" in the world couldn't express it.

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