eric_reject (eric_reject) wrote,


So I came up with this idea:
-get 300 people to go watch 300 together.

why you may ask? why not? it would be epic. the movie is amazing so i must do something to honor that amazingness.

So i did something about this crazy idea. I called up some homies with connections, justin and shane.
They loved the idea. 
I called up the palms movie theatre.
They love the idea. They even said they would give us discounted tickets like for only 7 bucks (normally $9.75)

So now whats in the works is a myspace is going to be made and we are now working on a trailer for our mission.
This should be epic. I tell you. There have been naysayers already, but ill rub it in their faces when we are done.
Tomorrow, actually later today, im going to call up a homie from X107.5 and try to get him to maybe put us on the radio.
If you want to be a part of this tell me soon because i think once people start hearing about this we will run out of spots.

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