eric_reject (eric_reject) wrote,

do you read this anymore?

i think tonight my writing may be in vain. i was wondering who gets on this anymore?

about my life right now:
I have a new girlfriend, well we have been together for like 2 months...
finals tomorrow.
still in college.
my major is journalism, media studies.
i have a couple tattoos.
im very different from the person who used to write in here.
i waste less time being sad.
i have grown up. fuck.
I'm 20.
I think when I started this lj i was 15?
in 5 years your life can change a lot.
i used to be fat,ska,close minded,angry,sad,unhappy.
strange to look back at old posts.

btw, i saw motion city soundtrack on thursday. friday night im chillin inside of in n out, and the singer walks in. we had a nice chat. he is a strange person. but so am i.

im all over the place. was i always?
tired of studying. thanks for the break.
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