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damnn everytime i write in here I've grown up a lot

so. im 21.

That girlfriend I wrote about in my last post is no longer my girlfriend. turned out me and her grew up a lot. I fell deeply in love with her. We broke up 5 months ago and recently there were talks of getting back together. but I made a couple mistakes in the time we were broken up and now she hates me. It hurts to think about her. i fucked up...

I'm learning to make tattoos. I draw and paint a lot.
I work 10/hr a day everyday except for 2 days a month.
It will pay off because I want so badly to be a tattooer.
I've had a terrible headache for the past 4 weeks i will finally see a doctor today or tomorrow.
I wonder now who will read this haha.
I have 1 and 1/2 sleevs. I have a leg sleeve. I have my ribs tattooed. I have quite a few of them. I've gained a bit of weight but not enough to be considered fat. but I'm trying to lose.
It makes me super sad to read my last post cause that girlfriend that I had only been with for 2 months would become very important to me. We grew up and learned a lot about life with each other.
I'm not sure if I will love anyone like I loved her. because I don't care to. I think if I were to get married and start a family it would be with her. but if I can't have her id just rather be alone, thats also fine with me.

I got my knee tattoo yesterday, one of the most painful experiences of my life.

Thank you for reading if you did. I will try to keep up with this thing more for myself. I just have to figure out how to change the background and shit. haha.

take it easy.
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