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So whats upppp?!?!

So I've done more flash. and paintins. You can check em out on myspace if you arent already my friend on that.

I've tattooed myself twice and I've tattooed 3 of my good friends since my last post.
I'm still fucked up about my ex. I broke it off with this chick I was kinda talkin to. she is a rad girl but I'm still messed up over my ex. blah. I've been writing a lot of poetry lately. I need all these outlets to keep my mind busy. so heres a couple I wrote today.

This ones about my ex.

I guess it was good that you called me the other night,
We had some words I said some shit I never meant it was a typical ex boyfriend ex girlfriend fight,
The next day you said sorry and I apologized too,
But it got me thinkin about who you've become, the whole "new you",
See I understand that people change for worse or the better,
But what made you tell your friend, "call that boy keep her on his mind make sure he will never forget her"
There's a lot of shit on my mind and to tell you the truth this shit don't feel good,
I'll save my heart for someone else, I wish to God I understood,
The shit that your going through and really if I'm the cause, I'm sorry,
I truly never meant to hurt you that bad, none of this was meant to hurt anybody,
I wish I could tell you exactly how I feel,
I wish I could grow some balls and actually be real,
But if I ever got the balls to say somethin,
It'd be immediately followed by a "huh? What do you mean what? I didn't say nothin."

This next ones self explanatory.

I’m 21 years old, old enough to know if his eyes weren't glazed he'd probably give me hug instead of hit me in the face.
A bloody nose from someone you love is twice as red,
the things he said were much worse some shit about me not giving a fuck wished I wasn't alive, instead,
nonexistent, just not around, never happened, but certainly not dead.
I wish this shit didn't hurt, but it does,
Get drunk and hit me just because,
in your mind im shit, im a selfish, I'm an asshole, I never call, I never come visit, I might as well not be around.
I'm down and it's gonna take a lot more jack than I can afford to pick my ass up,
so just pour me whatever it is you have in that there cup,
and I'll make you smile for a while till I pass out on your bed
wake you up too early because I was awoken by my head, it's achin can you please me it quit. you tell me to take another drink and stop bein a little bitch.
So I drink a little too much because I don't know my limit,
Look dad I'm your spittin image.

guess I'm just as sad as I used to be huh? haha. owell fuck. 22 in a month shiiity.
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